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Hi my name is Nana Jokura. I’m a naturopathic doctor and clinic director of Accept Wellness. I’d like to share with you my opinion of the importance of self-care for mothers and parents.

I see way too often parents and mothers who are running around on empty.
Their health is starting to deteriorate, get worse.

Their relationship with their partner if they have one is not good.
Their libido might be very low or just non-existent and sometimes even their relationships with their children are suffering as well.

I believe so strongly that it’s important for mothers to invest a little bit every week in some self-care. It could be that you work closely with a health care practitioner, be it a naturopathic doctor or someone else who you trust to work at any health concerns that might be coming up for you and addressing those.

But also increasing your capacity to relax. Even if it’s just for an hour a week where you’re getting a nice acupuncture treatment or some bodywork like craniosacral it can really help to relieve tensions and just taking care of yourself.

Giving yourself permission, and I give you permission to take that time for yourself because it really doesn’t serve anybody if you are completely depleted, sick all the time, kids are sick all the time. It’s just no fun for anyone, really.

So, some self-care. I hope this has inspired you to take charge of your health, empower yourself and to accept wellness.

By: Nana Jokura, Naturopathic Doctor & Acupuncture Practitioner at Accept Wellness

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