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Healthy Foundations

Cold & Flu Prevention

Learn the first signs of colds and flu and be armed with knowledge and ways to handle them.  Teas, herbal medicine, nutrition, lifestyle, acupuncture & homeopathy are on your side.

Pain, Pain Go Away

Acupuncture is quite effective at managing pain.  For those who prefer a gentle hands-on approach, craniosacral is quite popular.  We will also look at reducing factors that might be causing inflammation in your body.

Sleep Better

Do you want to avoid taking addictive pharmaceuticals?  There are many natural ways to improve your ability to get to sleep and stay asleep.

Full of Energy

Real sustained energy that allows you to do what you need and what you love during your day.

Four Season Tune Up

Come in every 3 months as the seasons change to learn how to deal with common concerns such as allergies, immunity, back to school/work and travel.  Learn what foods will benefit you during each season and which remedies to have on hand.

Detox – gently and regularly

We live in a toxic world.  Symptoms such as headaches, lack of concentration, feeling sluggish, aches and pains may indicate toxic build up.  The real question is how does your body process the toxins?

There are 2 main approaches: minimize exposure and optimize detoxification pathways.  We will work on getting toxins out of your home, improving your digestion, elimination, skin, lymphatic and cellular health.