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Case Studies

For confidentiality, identifiers have been removed and details of 2 to 3 people have been combined to protect privacy. Please remember that every person is unique and not all treatments are right for all people. While there are many options for treatments, I have kept these descriptions deliberately short. It’s important to consult your practitioner for proper assessment and treatment and to find out which lab tests are important in your case.

#1 Female 30’s: Low mood and anxiety, constipation, bloating and low energy, heavy periods

Investigation: Are there deficiencies in blood work? What does she eat? Any significant life events (relationship, loss of loved one, new career)? Physical activity level?
Treatment approach: Lifestyle counseling, decreasing heavy period flow will help improve energy, individualized nutrition plan to improve digestion and bloating. Acupuncture, herbs, exercise and homeopathy may all help this case.

#2 Female 50’s: Diagnosed with pre-diabetes, slightly elevated blood pressure, heartburn, has gained weight

Investigation: Current fitness level? Nutritional choices? Is there emotional eating? What are the stress triggers as it relates to hormones involved with weight and blood sugar control.
Treatment Approach: Stress reduction with counseling and acupuncture (or craniosacral therapy), blood sugar stabilizing and blood pressure lowering nutritional plan, motivation to implement exercise plan.

#3 Male 40’s: Neck and shoulder tension, stress from running own business, irritable bowel syndrome

Investigation: Nutritional assessment, discover root causes of stress.
Treatment approach: Stress reduction! Body work (acupuncture OR craniosacral therapy) to reduce tension, counseling to develop a plan to deal with root causes of stress, isolate offending foods and use medicinal food and herbs to heal the gut.

#4 Female 20’s: Eczema, asthma, can’t concentrate in school

Investigation: Any significant lab results? What medication is being used? While sometimes necessary, most eczema and asthma medications (corticosteroids) are used to suppress and cover up symptoms. Any possible food triggers?
Treatment approach: To decrease the inflammation in her system. Undiagnosed food allergies or sensitivities can contribute to both eczema and asthma. Get to the root cause of what is causing her stress. Eczema, asthma and difficulty with focus are all stress symptoms. Nutrition, acupuncture, herbs and counseling can be beneficial.

#5 Male 50’s: Frequent colds, difficulty with sleep, relies on coffee because energy is low

Investigation: Why is immune function lowered? What is the root cause of disturbed sleep? Do lab results indicate any deficiencies?
Treatment approach: Boost overall immune Qi (energy) by improving sleep with acupuncture or cranioacral therapy, gentle and effective herbs and using immune boosting nutrition. If desired, boosting energy with adaptogenic herbs can decrease the need for stimulating caffeine.

#6 New mother: Fluctuating moods, feels like she has PMS all the time, tired, no libido

Investigation: How was pregnancy, birth? How is sleep for mom and baby? Nutritional status? What kind of support are they receiving? Any traumas? How is communication with partner?
Treatment approach: Improve sleep for baby and mom. When everyone is sleeping better, everything is better. Lifestyle counseling and body work to help with relaxation and to stabilize mood and restore balance to hormones including those for libido. Energy boosting nutrition, plugging into community resources.

#7 Baby, 1 week: Fussy, not getting enough breast milk, poor latch

Investigation: Find out the details about the pregnancy and birth. Where there interventions, drugs used? Assess mother’s nutrition. Assess breastfeeding technique.
Treatment approach: Gentle craniosacral therapy to release restrictions and traumas of birth, improve latch technique (in-office and/or in collaboration with lactation consultant), optimize mother’s nutrition and offer safe herbs to increase milk supply, other naturopathic recommendations if necessary. Give baby the best possible start to life!