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Your First Two Visits

Your first visit:
Usually 1 hour
Includes a thorough intake of your main health concerns
Review of other health systems to make sure we cover everything
Basic physical exam (if time allows)
Preliminary treatment plan (although it may be deferred to 2nd visit if your case is complex)

Your second visit:
1-2 weeks after the 1st visit
45 to 60 minutes
Completion of annual physical exam, including a breast exam for women
Nutritional assessment
Main treatment plan

Subsequent visits – most people do well with monthly follow up visits, but this of course this depends on your case. If you choose to receive acupuncture it is ideal to get weekly treatments in between your monthly consultations.

If you require lab tests, this will be discussed at the visit.

Before your initial visit

Please go to the intake form page to download and print the forms. Please bring the completed forms with you to the initial consultation.

If you do not have access to a printer, please let us know and plan on arriving 20 minutes early to fill them out.

Please bring any copies of lab tests and diagnostic reports if they are available to you. Your medical doctor’s phone number and fax number will be required to request any results that you do not have.