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CranioSacral Therapy

What is CranioSacral therapy?

CranioSacral is a gentle hands-on therapy that helps the body and whole being to realign itself to its natural healthful state.  Using very light touch, bones of the head and sacrum and areas of the body are subtly shifted to free restrictions.  The aim is to release tensions of the nervous and fascial systems to allow a better craniosacral rhythm leading to better health.

What are the Benefits?

Clients find it very relaxing, rejuvenating and balancing.  Some people find that they feel more open to life and energies, and more connected with their bodies and emotions.  It is a great complement to other healing therapies and creates a space that allows for deeper healing to occur.

CranioSacral Therapy is great for:

  • Babies and children: Colic, latching for breastfeeding, sleep, developmental issues
  • Headaches
  • Neck, shoulder & back pain
  • Sleep
  • Mood & focus
  • Relaxation

What does it feel like?

It can be as relaxing as a massage but with a much lighter touch.  You might become energized, or feel subtle shifts in your body, and some people may not feel much at all.  You may notice some of the benefits right away or shortly after the treatment.  You might feel a general sense of wellbeing or specific tissue releases.  Some people experience emotional releases.

What happens during a visit?

We will do a short intake of your concerns and how you are doing.
You will lie face up on a treatment table, fully clothed.  Gentle touch of about 5 grams is applied to various stations (head, neck, torso, pelvis, sacrum and legs) of the body.  We will be feeling for the qualities of the CranioSacral rhythm.  A still point is induced which allows the body to re-align itself and produce a healthier rhythm.
During the first visit a ten-step protocol is often used, then tailored for the individual on subsequent visits.

How are babies and children treated?

With great gentleness and care.  Babies are often held by the mother/father, lay on a flat surface or held by the practitioner. They are free to breast feed. Some children will become very relaxed and may appear to fall asleep, or let out a cry as they release a restriction.  Babies (and adults) often benefit from a gloved finger technique in the mouth, as they use their suckling reflex to help release restrictions in the head.    Parents are close to the child for comfort and communication.  The child often benefits when the parent(s) also get treated at the same time or separately.

How often should I get treatments?

This is personal and depends on your availability of time, resources and your body’s need.
Most people will come once a week for a month or two, to get through their time of challenge.  After that, once every 2-4 weeks is beneficial.  If you are well, relaxing tune-ups every 3 or 4 months can be helpful.  If someone is going through an acute challenge, twice a week is recommended.

How long are the treatments?

Treatments can take up to 45 minutes.

Can parents/caregivers and children be treated at the same time?

Yes.  We often find that babies and children hold similar restriction patterns to their parents and other close family members.  A release in one member of the family can help facilitate the release in the other person.

CranioSacral Therapy is provided by Dr. Nana Jokura, B.Mus, ND

Nana has completed training with the Upledger Institute in CranioSacral therapy and Somatoemotional Release. She has undergone advanced training in CranioSacral therapy for pediatrics, conception, pregnancy and birth.

For insurance purposes, the craniosacral treatments performed by Dr. Jokura, ND are billed under “Naturopathic Medicine”.