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Mindfulness Relaxation Retreat

Stress is a silent killer and linked to most illnesses.
Learning how to relax can save your life.

This is not a vacation away from your life.

This is an experiential, how-to program on building relaxation strategies into your DAILY life. Experience life-savoring relaxation everyday.

Imagine a happier, healthier and more productive you.

You’ll feel great during the retreat, and will leave with tools that will empower you to turn everyday stress signals into opportunities for relaxation and healing.

Stress Signals:

• Digestive upset
• Sleep disturbance
• Blood sugar issues
• High blood pressure
• Over eating OR lack of appetite
• Headaches
• Menstrual and Fertility issues
• Back tension
• Irritable or low mood
• Clenched jaw
• Crying easily, feeling overwhelmed

Retreat Includes:

• Strategies for relaxation – guided meditations and body scans
• Learn how to decipher what stress signals are telling you
• Mindful eating habits during lunch
• Breathing exercises
• Daily Yoga Stretches
• Walking meditation in the Allan Gardens or park
• A CD with guided visualizations and printed worksheets
• Lunch

Private in-person retreats additionally include: a full naturopathic consultation including physical assessment, nutritional plan and a relaxing CranioSacral and/or Acupuncture treatment.

Small group retreats are also available.
Please call for more information.

Where: At Accept Wellness, your workplace, home or via Skype.

Call 647-352-2223 OR email info(at) to register.