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ND and Doula care package $1997

Most extended health policies will cover the “naturopathic medicine” portion of the services.

Your naturopathic visits may include:

• nutrition suggestions

• safe herbal and homeopathic remedy suggestions

• acupuncture

• craniosacral therapy

• gentle help to turn breech presentations

• support for breastfeeding (latch, improving supply), improving sleep, fussiness and digestion

• One of the postpartum visits may be used for natural induction if it is indicated.

The cost of the natural medicines are not included in the service fees.


Here’s more information about the Doula Care:

Two at home prenatal visits
 (approx. 2 hours in length)

• Help prepare the family for birth

• Prepare birth plan

• Go over families birthing expectations

• Review comfort techniques

• Go over questions or concerns

• Help prepare for after birth, including cleaning, childcare,
and meal preparation


Continuous care during labour and birth

• Accompany family at the family’s request

• Accompany family to the hospital or remain at home if a home birth

• Provide physical and informational support to the entire birthing

• Work with health care providers in supporting the birthing family

• Help mother to remain focused and calm

• Help to ensure that the birthing space is calm, safe and with 
minimal distractions


One at home postnatal visit
 (approx. 2 hours in length)

• Review the birthing experience with the family

• Help with meals, cleaning, and childcare, if needed

• Go over any questions or concerns